Well then. Now that I have your attention I have an announcement to make. During todays WOD we will NOT be running! 


BUT it will be coming soon so I figured that we would talk about it a little today while you guys are in a good mood. Running is one of the most functional movements that you can do. Supposedly people have been doing it for years and they have seen some GREAT results from it. I get it, running does hurt sometimes and not everyone loves it as much as Amy or Maria (who are both nuts by the way). Here are a few of the things that I personally take into consideration while running:


1) Forefoot/Midfoot/Pose running. If you are interested in becoming a better runner, take some time to look these running styles up. They are safer and faster than the traditional "heel strike" running style. I changed up my running style a couple of years ago from heel strike to a more midfoot style and I am faster (1.5 mile run went from 9:45 to 8:38) and I have less back pain! Seriously, look it up. 

2) Don't be a negative nancy. I would rather be doing handstand walks or heavy cleans but if I only did those things I wouldn't be a good CrossFitter now would I? You have to attack your weaknesses like they stole your lunch money! PMA = Positive Mental Attitude!

3) Have a pace in mind before the WOD starts. If you are doing a WOD with a barbell the weight stays the same the whole time right? Well, when I run, I try to stick to the same pace during the entire time. It may be difficult to hold yourself accountable. I know how easy it is to think of the run as "rest time" and really dog it, but that isn't going to make you better at it is it?

4) Show up. There isn't really much else that I can say here. Show up. Kill it. Go home. 


Oh wait...did you guys want to know what we are actually doing today? Weeeeirddd. Well, I'm sorry that I gave you all a mini heart attack with the title of the post but it had to be done. Ok, here we go. 


Skill: Clean + Push Press Complex


For Time

30 Clusters* (95/135)

*For those of you that don't know, a cluster is a Squat Clean into a Thruster. How fun does that sound?!

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1. Amy wrote:
I love being nuts!!!!! :) And I was pretty excited with the title!!!!

Mon, April 13, 2015 @ 9:22 PM

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