8 June 2016

8 June 2016


One of the most overlooked aspects of your fitnessing is proper nutrition. All too often, athletes are more concerned about what NOT to eat than what they should be eating. Keeping a proper balance of fats, low glycemic carbs, and protein is so essential to keeping your body's hormones that regulate your livelihood, happy! Typically we see way too many carbohydrates (I don't mean bread pasta, but rather too much fruit and juices!) and way too few grams of protein. Make an easy switch today, cut out some of the excess carbs (think fruit!) and add in some lean, clean protein. If you're not keen on gnawing on a chicken thigh for breakfast and you're sick of eggs, try a protein smoothie for breakfast instead! Here's my favorite mix and my go-to for most mornings. I toss it all in the blender...

PB and Banana Blitz

1 scoop SFH Pure Whey, chocolate

0.5 Banana

1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

0.5 Tablespoon of peanut butter

2 ice cubes

Who doesn't love the combo of banana and peanut butter and chocolate? Don't make this without the protein though, otherwise you're missing a HUGE piece of your food intake that will keep you feeling full and help with muscle repair and growth.

Workout of the Day

Strength: Deadlift


For Total Reps


Deadlift and Pullups

On Minute 1, you'll do 1 of each. On minute 2, you'll do 2 of each, etc. Cap will be 20 minutes, so if you get to 19 + 19, hooray, you're done!

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