5 November 2015

5 November 2015

CrossFit on the road!


We are fast approaching the "holiday" season and more often than not we find ourselves traveling out of town to visit family and loved ones. This is great and all but unfortunately things like this take all of you away from us here at 7VCF. I know from experience that Grandma doesn't really care about my gains. Fret not 7VCF warriors, Dr. Tabata is here to save the day! If you have never done a Tabata style WOD then you are in luck, for we will be completing a "Tabata style' workout today except only in reverse order. In the name of intensity we will be turning the 20 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest on its head. 


For those of you that do now know what a Tabata is we are referring to 4 minutes of performing one movement where you are working for 20 seconds of max effort followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.   


What I am getting at is that you need not let the holiday season become an excuse for screwing up your exercise routine. There are literally thousands of WODs that you can make up on your own and do from the comfort of your home, your Grannys house, hotel room, under a bridge or in your parents backyard. I highly encourage all of you to download a "Tabata timer" app on your phone so that you can use your creativity to devise your own Workout of the Day. The easiest WODs to "make up" involve body weight movements but if you find some weights or a cinder block then let your imagination run wild! I would suggest that you pick 2-4 movements and stick with one for the entire 4 minutes before you switch to the next. 




That got your attention didn't it? Ok, so what I want you to do now is come up with "your" Tabata WOD and post it in the comments section. Who knows? Maybe I will steal your great idea and use it in an upcoming WOD at the NEW GYM! Here are a few examples of what a good tabata would consist of:


WOD 1-  4 mintue Tabata of each

Air Squat

Push Up 

Sit Up

Pull Up


WOD 2-

Alternating Tabata (do movement 1, rest, do movement 2, rest, do movement 1, etc..)



Strict Press

(RX weight is moms fat cat, i suggest you wear a snowmobile helmet)


WOD 3- (outdoor WOD)



 Burpee Broad Jump

Farmers carry with cinder block or 5 gallon buckets full of something



See? You can make up your own WOD as easy as that! For todays work we will be doing a lot of pulling in order to compliment all of the pushing that we have been doing this week so make sure that you DO NOT miss out on this one. 



Strict Pullups



Reverse Tabata of


Jumping Lunges

-Rest 4 minutes-

Pullups (sub jumping pullups)


Today we will be looking for extremely intense short bursts of work followed by a longer rest. Make sure that you scale up or down as necessary. Good luck. 

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1. Amanda wrote:
I love doing
Hill sprints

Sun, November 8, 2015 @ 5:14 PM

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