3 April 2015

3 April 2015

Overhead Squat

Why we do it…

1.     The overhead squat is a great basic strength exercise to improve the receiving position of the snatch. It helps with learning the proper position for receiving the snatch overhead. Chances are, if you don’t’ have a solid overhead squat, you will be unsuccessful with the snatch, or you won’t be able to stabilize it in the overhead catch position and stand up out of the bottom.

2.     It is a great strength builder for the shoulders, upper back and core to help with the overall execution of the snatch. We talk about movements being “core to extremity”, meaning, the bulk of your power and strength comes from the core -- and your extremity strength (arm/leg/shoulder/wrist/ankle) are secondary. To snatch, you’ve got to generate that core strength.

3.    Spending time in the overhead squat is also a great mobility exercise for improving the bottom position of your squat. If you’re unsteady with a load overhead, it’s time to spend some quality time there and train your body into the correct position.


Today, your skill work will be focused on the overhead squat. You will need to utilize your skills learned on Wednesday (snatch grip push press) to get the bar into position.




3 April 2015

Workout of the Day

6 Minute AMRAP
Ring Pushups

Rest 2 Minutes

6 Minute AMRAP
Front Squats (80% BW)

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1. Mike W wrote:
Go Rudy!

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