2 March 2015

2 March 2015

Okay, so I’ve heard about some of you googling, “How do I read the CrossFit OPEN leaderboard?” So I’m going to provide some insight into this and then some fun things you can do with it if you like stats, like me.
Last year I had a routine that I went through every Monday night or Tuesday morning, even though scores have until Wednesday to be validated. But, it gave me a little idea on what was happening. First, I would find myself among the world of individual women. Then, I’d narrow it down to the North East women. Then, I’d create a custom leaderboard with the Central New York Affiliates I knew so that I could compare more locally. Then, I would clear it all and search some specific people to see where they stood. Some local that I’ve known for years, past coaches and some bigger names, you know, gotta check in on Lindsey Valenzuela and Sam Briggs from time to time. This year I’ll add Lauren Fisher to the list, but most likely she’ll be easy to see right at the top.
So, here’s step 1: Go to Games.CrossFit.com
- Click on the tab at the top left “Leaderboard Worldwide Scores”. This will bring you to the leaderboard that has lots of drop down menus for special searches. It defaults to Individual Men/Worldwide.
- To narrow your search to yourself or an individual in particular, you can just type your name in the search box. There you’ll see a long list of names and yours’ll be highlighted. If you do that, like in this photo, let me explain what you’ll see.

So, in the screenshot above, you’ll see Mat Fraser’s name highlighted because I searched him. The number on the far left is his overall rank, worldwide, 12th. The number next to 12 in parentheses is his total points, 123. This number is the sum of his points he earned for his two separate scores, one from 15.1 and one from 15.1a. Under the column “Workout 01” is his rank for that wod, 38 and in parentheses is his score, or number of reps from that. So, he completed 219 reps which puts him 38th for that wod, which is also his number of points. Same with 01A. So, if you add his points from 01 and 01A (38+85) you get 123. After the points are totaled, then they are ranked from there. So, if he does stellar and has the top score for 15.2, he’ll get only 1 more point, giving him a score of 124. If Jason Khalipa doesn’t do so hot (its all relative) in 15.2 and is ranked 85th or lower for it, he’ll be bumped out of place by Fraser because his total points (26, 14, and 85) will be greater than Fraser’s total points.It’s a scoring system that means you don’t ever have to really take 1st in any event to be the top athlete. If you are consistently near the top, your total points will stay low. It’s an advantage to being a well-rounded athlete/person, which was the original intention behind CrossFit as a training methodology for the general public.

But, keep in mind that the OPEN is the way to regionals, so it doesn’t matter that Fraser isn’t near Khalipa at this point because Fraser only has to sit somewhere in the top among the men in his region at this point.

Lastly, something fun, is to use the drop down menu to create a Custom Leaderboard. See what you can come up with here. Add your friends that are in other gyms, or other states.

And because we’re all about competing, you can find yourself in the Judges’ Leaderboard, too!

Workout of the Day
2 March 2015
For Time
75 Wall Balls (20/14)
60 Box Jumps (24/20)
45 Pull-ups
30 Power Cleans (135/95)
15 Weighted Pushups (45/25)

*30 minute timecap will be enforced today, along with post wod mobility.

By D. Soprano


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1. Jody wrote:
GOOD LORD!!! This looks tough.

Sun, March 1, 2015 @ 8:13 PM

2. Kristen wrote:
Is it crazy that I'm actually looking forward to this one tomorrow? I may have had another bad eating binge and this looks like the perfect soul crushing penance workout to get back on track with

Sun, March 1, 2015 @ 9:05 PM

3. Michelle Stowell wrote:
These workouts (like Saturday) will prep me for just about anything! Thanks 7VCF

Sun, March 1, 2015 @ 9:20 PM

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