20 November 2014

20 November 2014

Throwback Thursday!! Seems redundant though, doesn't it? A throwback Thursday during our throwback week?


Before we get into the sappy stuff about how much CrossFit has changed our lives, I want to remind you of another life-changing event! (NOPE, not an exaggeration.)  The Jackie Who?/One year anniversary is coming up this Saturday!! It's the social event of the season.  Anyone who's anyone will be there. Don't miss out!


Now for the tear-jerkers! (trust me, they're worth the read!!!)


"What has Crossfit done for me? What HASN’T it done for me? It literally saved my life. I don’t make it any secret that since I was 13-years-old I have suffered from an eating disorder, dodging in and out of treatment along with a roller coaster ride of depression, self harm and anxiety. I really never found a whole lot of joy in much, not even exercise. I truly only exercised for the soul purpose of ‘burning calories’ or punishing myself. It all completely took a turn for the worst when I hurt my back at track practice, and I physically was not able to exercise due to the severe pain. So, the only ‘option’ I found was to not eat at all. I shot down to a very dangerously low weight, I lost everything- my family didn’t know what to do with me, I no longer laughed or smiled, I isolated myself in my apartment for most of the day, I couldn’t work, my grades went down the drain.
After a while of being underneath the cloud of my eating disorder, out of my binge and restriction cycle, I decided I needed to get up and do something, anything. I took it slow, started with eating more consistently then began to workout a few times a week to see what it felt like- and it felt good. I still hated my body though, we literally had to tape up the mirrors in the apartment so I couldn’t ‘mirror check’ , and I constantly moped around in sweat pants, thinking to myself “well, at least I am eating and can go to school and have a social life”. It was a hard time in my recovery, learning to eat again but still hating my body with every ounce of hatred in me. I was close to relapsing again, just so I could feel numb in this body I felt I was stuck in.
Then, I saw my friend Hannah post a bunch of things about Crossfit. I kinda knew about it from the Games and people casually talking about it. So, I emailed Mike and set up my first class so I could test the waters a bit. After the first class, I literally fell in love. I went home and set up my membership immediately. I have met so many amazing people, that I happily call my friends and family, and have really gained some respect for my body. Look at everything I have put in through in my life, and it can still get through a WOD! During a WOD, it is just you, the barbell and your body. That feeling after a WOD, that high we all know and love, is more than anything I could ever find anywhere else. I have never felt more alive or good in my own skin than I do when I am at the Box."


               First class ever here at 7VCF!


"The biggest thing cross fit has done for me is helped my self esteem. And build up my self confidence to do things I never thought I could or would do. And it has also helped my running and my mental state. I just did my 7th marathon and broke up my long runs and the marathon into so many miles per round. Made me focus on crossing off my Talley marks instead of the distance and pain. I truly enjoy the support of everyone at the box. They will never know how much each person there has helped me over the past months."




10 Minute AMRAP:

30 Double Unders

5 OHS (75/45)

30 Double Unders

10 OHS

30 double unders

15 OHS

30 double unders

20 OHS


 "The obsession with running [CrossFit!] is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life"

-George Sheehan

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