18 September 2014

18 September 2014

Drop it like a squat!

Today's focus is on BACK SQUATS BABY!  As coach Greg Glassman would say, "Whatever the problem is; just squat".  Squats are an important part of CrossFit training for many reasons.  The way we PERFORM the squats is just as important.  Obviously form and technique comes before the load; I don't care if you're a professional athlete, school teacher or grandmother, this is true for everyone.  Once you develop technique and your skill set allows you to do so, we start to squat "below parallel", unlike in the sport of power lifting where they squat just to parallel.  Neither is better or worse (it depends on what your sport is!), but BELOW parallel is how you will always catch the bar during the Olympic lifts (clean and snatch).  If we didn't build our squat strength the same way, we wouldn't be able to get "out of the hole" when we catch the bar in our lifts. 

 Here is a quick and simple video of coach Mark Rippetoe explaining hand positioning on the bar, and positioning of the bar on your back during squats.


 And of course I can't forget my daily reason for YOU to do the 5k on October 4th! Today's reason is...


COMMUNITY!!  I know you ALL know about CrossFit's fabulous community.  It's famous.  But did you know that the running community is also fabulous? Did you know that runners, like CrossFitters, enjoy and welcome people who share the same interest in their sport?  That they, too, cheer on the last person to finish just as they would the first?  That support and love is what makes road racing so much fun!  Don't miss out on a great experience!




10 min AMRAP:

1 back squat (155/115)

5 OTB burpees

2 back squat

5 OTB burpees

3 back squat

5 OTB burpees....

*back squat reps increase by one each round; score is number of back squats performed





"Stronger people are harder to kill, and just more useful in general."

-Mark Rippetoe




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