18 November 2014

18 November 2014

In the "spirit" (if you can call it that) of the this time of year, we're having a sale on all of our "vintage" t-shirts and tank tops.  The older styles are only 15$ a piece! Get one as a gift, or keep it for yourself, that's cool too.  We're clearing out inventory to make room for some new designs that are in the works!


It's reminiscing week here at 7VCF as our one year anniversary approaches.  This week's post will be packed with throw-back pictures and testimonies written by you, the very core of this establishment, our members.  You wouldn't believe what this place used to look like; there's no pictures of how it was before construction started, but we'll share what it looked like a few weeks into it, give or take a few walls.




After one year, what do our members have to say? Today's a 3-fer! It might be a lot to read, but we just had so many great responses! So grab a tissue and read on.

"I guess for me it's not so much on what's changed since I've started crossfit, but more of what hasn't? Since I've started I've been able to quit smoking along with getting better eating habits. I've found that I am worth something. What I personally find to be the most interesting however is how much of an positive impact I can have on others. I've never really looked at myself as anything more then a basic guy trying to do what's right and working hard at whatever I do. Now knowing that I can have a positive impact on someone, even if it's just one persons life have made me feel so grateful and awesome. I am glade I have found this amazing new lifestyle and look forward to where it will lead me in the future. Do I have a plan? Not really, I'll just work hard and do the best I can do. Live the dream people and keep the positives, kick the negatives."


"I started coming to CrossFit during an incredibly difficult time in my life. I'm talking.. where I considered it a good day if I made it through the day without being collapsed on the floor, crying. Some days, it felt as though it were an amazing feat of strength just to actually show up there. Doing the workouts helped me a lot. And the kindness and encouragement from strangers were the icing on the cake. I always left there feeling so much better.. and still do! CrossFit continues to help me feel better about myself, others and life in general. Thanks everyone!"


"As a CrossFit newbie, I was at first nervous about what I would experience. I had heard about this elusive workout program here and there, but never really paid much attention. I've never been a gym warrior or even comfortable with any movement other than running on a treadmill or doing sit-ups at the gym - both of which I can do at my house...ie, I've never belonged to a gym. Also, as a Cortland newbie, I seriously needed some friends - You all provided me with both, so kudos to you!
I happened upon 7VCF just as 1.0 was getting up and running, and good thing (for you) or my first class would have been my last! I'd have to say that between then and now (5 months) I've only started to enjoy it more (and toned down some of the winter couch-doughnut "excess coushin" I had packed on). The biggest thing I look forward to - other than always having the sweatiest t-shirt in class, or before class even starts - is the comraderie, support, and friendliness that CrossFit is. The valuable training and guidance to push beyond what I thought I could do (also with great scaling options (but getting that first Rx surely puts a smile on your face (unless Dana no-reps all of your over-the-bar burpees - learned my lesson))) has made me not only come to the gym more often, but actually miss it when I'm gone! Yes, I actually miss you guys. I feel better (except for those 15 seconds after the WOD is over), more confident, stronger, faster, healthier, [insert obligatory feel-good adjective here] since doing CrossFit and my biggest fear now is ever going back to those dreaded first few days of 1.0 when my only option was walking with a limp and being able to reach only what was less than 4 inches in front of my T-rex arms! And so I continue... weekly... to enjoy it, benefit from the improvement, and leave more than my share of a sweaty trail through the box after a set of Double Unders or OTBBs."




20 Minute.- as long as possible:

EMOM 5 Thrusters

(Prescribed weight starts at 75/45 and every 5 minutes weight increases 20#)

Scaling optional (and encouraged) as always!



“The human spirit is indomitable. No one can ever say you must not run faster than this or jump higher than that. There will never be a time when the human spirit will not be able to better existing records.”

– Sir Roger Bannister


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