15 October 2015

15 October 2015


We've had a lot of questions lately about nutrition. There are an endless amount of resources out there all over the web, but sometimes you just need to chat with someone you know. I asked some of our FAQ about nutrition to our members Steve and Michelle. They took the plunge a couple years ago with changing their way of eating and are willing to share their experiences. Here are a couple questions I asked and their responses.

1. Where do you even start? Do you go cold turkey from typical American diet to Paleo?

Start with research. Either online or asking someone who already eats with a Paleo guide line. Don't think of Paleo as a "diet", it is a food lifestyle. It is a choice you are making to feel better and take control of your health. When we first started to eat Paleo I did a lot of research. My favorite website is www.paleoleap.com. You will find lots of helpful tips on getting started and what to buy. Then, we jumped in. We made a pact to eat strict Paleo for 30 days and cleaned out our kitchen and donated all non-Paleo approved foods. We think that going cold turkey is the best way to clean out your body and really see how much better you feel when eating Paleo. It will help you stay committed once the 30 days is up (you will love how you feel and will want to continue to stay Paleo).

2. Isn't eating healthy more expensive?

It might seem more expensive at first. Yes, a bag of grapes costs more than a bag of chips. A package of chicken costs more than a pizza. But once you get your routine down, you will shop the weekly store sale flyers for produce and meat the way you do now for frozen dinners and processed foods. Meal and snack planning is key in the beginning. Make your list and stick to it. And SHOP THE PERIMETER OF THE GROCERY STORE. Yes, it's true. You will find everything you need to eat there. The time you save grocery shopping will give you more time to be with family or get in an extra CrossFit class! But back to the original question. It really truly ISN'T more expensive to eat healthy. We can attest first hand we've seen a decrease in our medical bills and prescriptions that we take. We've traded doctor and pharmacy visits for better fuel for our bodies. Feeling better everyday is what you will spend your money on.

I'll post two more tidbits of information from the Stowells tomorrow.

Workout of the Day

8 Minute AMRAP
9 Deadlift
7 Clean
5 Shoulder to Overhead

Compare to 22 July 2015

* Don't forget about your lunge photos!

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