15 October 2014

What was your first CrossFit WOD?


Now that we are closing in on our one year anniversary at the box I am starting to feel a bit nostalgic. I am going to begin and end this post with that question, please take the time to answer it if you can. You can either leave a reply here, on Facabook, or you can just shoot me an email. If we get a few people that started with the same WOD, you might see it in some upcoming programming!


I vividly remember my first ever CrossFit WOD and how I felt that day (and the week after) and I want to hear from all of you to see what it was and how it went. Let me bring you back to 2010 wayyyyyyy back when I was a strikingly handsome 20 year old hooligan. I had decided that college, thus far, wasn't working out and the prospect of a desk job after graduation was terrifying. I knew from an early age that I wasn't cut out to fly a desk. I decided to join an Air National Guard based out of Syracuse. I had found a job where, if I passed training, I would someday be allowed to wear the coveted Black Beret and become a member of the Tactical Air Control Party (or TACP, look it up). I thought that I was in AMAZING shape going into this so I figured that my PT test would be a breeze. After all, I had been doing Bi's and Tri's, Chest and Thighs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for like 2 years. I managed to pass my PT test easy enough but then immediately after it I was introduced to my first "smoke" session. It was a deliciously horrible slice of humble pie. 


Come to find out, that wasn't even CrossFit! It was just your standard issue TACP smoke session. To add insult to injury, after it was done I realized that it had only lasted 20 minutes. I thought to myself, "holy hell! I thought I was in awesome shape!" I was sorely mistaken. As the day came to an end, I was pulled aside by the kind gentleman who had conducted the PT session and he gave me a packet that would change my life. He asked me if I had ever heard of "CrossFit" before and wasn't shocked to hear that I never had. The packet contained a list of hero WODs along with some standard issue military style (boring) workouts. I went home that day feeling defeated but I woke up the next day with a hunger that I haven't felt since I had stopped playing sports in high school. I hadn't even completed my first WOD yet and I was already hooked. The hero workouts looked CRAZY! I thought that if I could ever complete one of them that I would become the definition of fitness and the object of every womans desire. 


Obviously both of those things happened immediately after my first WOD. Duh. What was the first workout that I ever did? Listen to how smart I was. After flipping through the pages of the training packet I decided that MURPH looked like a good option. I loved running and bodyweight movements are the easiest ever right? WRONG! I used a set of Soccer goalposts by my high school track for a pull up bar and I nearly killed myself because it got so sweaty that I fell off a few times. My second mile took me twice as long as my first one and by the end I had to break my sets up into: 1 pull up, 2 push ups, 3 air squats. I collapsed onto the track as soon as I finished and just laid there for about 15 minutes contemplating the meaning of life. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done and I will never forget it. 


Now my Murph time is less than half of what it was that day. I am still addicted to the feeling of finishing a WOD and I often feel that tired after one as well. As many of you now know, CrossFit never gets easier, you just get better (or faster) at it. Now, I ask you all again...


What was your first CrossFit WOD?


Skill: Pull up work


WOD: 10 rounds for time


250m row

1min rest


Check this out if you have the time-I love the bit by Jon Gilson around 5mins in.

First CrossFit Workout



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1. Steph wrote:
My first WOD at 7VCF was:

10min EMOTM
4 cleans (unsure of the weight?)then*
max DUs in the remaining minute

I, of course, did single unders for this WOD and remember thinking that double unders were completely impossible and pretty much accepted the fact that I would never be able to do them. I remember Mike demo-ing them and thinking WOW he's awesome and so talented! Now I love when DUs are in a WOD. Funny how things change with lots of practice! (Just to be clear--Mike you're still pretty cool and talented. That hasn't changed :-) )

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 7:46 AM

2. Maria wrote:
My first CrossFit workout was "Griff", also a hero WOD. My brother had been CrossFit-ing at college (Cortland) and it was all he could talk about...we had no idea what it was and thought he was crazy. But he came home for vacation and had to do Griff, which is 800m run forward, 400m backward, 800m forward and 400m backward. Since I was a cross country runner at the time he recruited me to do it with him. It wasn't too awful considering it was just running which I specialized in at the time. It was the first (and last) time I ever beat my brother in a WOD. After that, it was still a little while before I went to a box with him and tried my first WOD that wasn't running, which was some sort of AMRAP with situps and ring dips. I somehow was able to do ring dips the full workout (which I can't do as well now? weird.) and then literally couldn't move my arms for a few days. I remember just sleeping on the couch all weekend because my arms were that dead.

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 7:48 AM

3. Steve wrote:
GI Jane...and I still came back! but it took a few (several) days to recover

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 8:30 AM

4. Amanda P wrote:
My first WOD ever ( official, not 1.0) was 75 DU, 26 pistols, and 13 toes to bar. Like Stephen said, I felt like those double unders we're impossible. I did single unders, and ab mat situps. That was September 15. Fast forward to October 15 and I can do 2 DU in a row and am now alternating singles and doubles for wods. I also learned how to kip and can at least do knees to arm pits now! I'm really excited about my process and look forward to learning new moves.

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 10:07 AM

5. Amanda P wrote:
Steph not Stephen!

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 10:08 AM

6. Dana wrote:
LOVE reading these comments!

Amanda P.-congrats on 1 month of CF with us so far! You're doing so great, I can't wait to see what you can do in 6 months!

Steph- Time for Triple Unders now, eh?

Steve- GI Jane- humbling right?

Maria- sounds like its time to get back on those rings!


Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 11:13 AM

7. Kasey wrote:
First WOD was Jumping Nancy

5 rounds of:
40 Double unders
15 Overhead squats @ 95#

What I did:

5 rounds
120 single unders
15 back squats from the rack @ 45#

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 12:25 PM

8. Keri wrote:
My first WOD at 7VCF was something involving hand stand pushups and front rack lunges. I remember looking at the white board and thinking what the %$#! is a handstand pushup??!!?? I thought that maybe if I was quiet I could sneak out and nobody would notice! Obviously that plan was foiled by Mike and I'm so glad I stuck around! Handstand pushups are still terrifying though.

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 3:41 PM

9. Michelle wrote:
First WOD ever was in October 2013, a year ago! It was the last BaconFit class but was being held in the soon-to-be new CrossFit Box. I was supposed to meet my daughter, Julie, who had been doing BaconFit all summer and LOVED it, it was all she would talk about and said, "Mom, you have to do it,you will love it". And she stood me up. There I was all by myself - ALONE - (really defined as "I know no one here")and now I was going to have to do some work out stuff that I've never heard of in front of all these people who know what they are doing!!!! Plus I'm OLD!!! I wanted to turn and run. How can I get out of this??? TOO LATE - In came Dana with that smile, all her energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement. She said to me "You'll do ok". So the answer to your question - I have no idea what the WOD was that day. Whatever it was I LOVED it and I remember saying "I have to wait six weeks to do that again!?" :)

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 3:50 PM

10. Chelsea wrote:
Nov 21, 2013

For time:
5 burpees
10 sit-ups
20 KB swings
25 DU
20 KB swings
10 sit-ups
5 burpees

It took me 4:25 and I didn't do doubles I had to do singles. I'm pretty sure I used a dumbbell for the kb swings... AND I was sore for a week. I thought I was going to die. I've been hooked ever since and probably would crush that WOD now lol

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 6:20 PM

11. Mark wrote:
My first real Crossfit WOD was "Angie" at Seven Valley Crossfit. There were times during the WOD that I said "what the hell are you doing". I scaled with bands but I did the 100 of each exercise, and was glad I did it. I found Crossfit after seeing a re-run of the Crossfit Games, and said "what is Crossfit". After researching Crossfit online, that was the kind of workouts I wanted. I bought some bumper plates, kettlebell and built a box for box jumps and did some WODs at home. I would get them from Crossfit main site and programmed my own. I am so glad I have become a member of Seven Valley Crossfit. The atmosphere is amazing, the coaches are amazing and my fellow athletes are amazing. Keep up the good work!!!!

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 7:33 PM

12. Shelly wrote:
My first WOD was at BaconFit in September of last year. It was air squats, push-ups, running, V-ups and sit-ups. I was so out of shape and it was BRUTAL! I walked home after the class (I live about 200 yards from the park) and let me tell you it was the longest walk of my life! I think the most memorable part of that day was doing partner sit-ups with Maria. She was so supportive and just kept telling me to do more. I couldn't even do a full situp without using my arm to push me up. Thankfully my feet were supported by Maria's feet and she literally pulled the weight for our team! Lol! Thank you Maria!!
Finding out who the group of people are at Beaudry park on Wednesdaya and Sundays is the best thing I have done for my health!

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 8:35 PM

13. Steve S. wrote:
My wife Michelle had been trying to get me to come try out crossfit. I was very reluctant, because of my age and weight. But hearing her talk about it peaked my interest and she said Dana said to just come to an open gym and try it out. So on March 26th I did that. I remember Dana handing me a jump rope and I looked at her and said now way. She asked me to just try it, I tried and much to my amazement I found out I was capable of more than I thought. That night she set up a wod for me.
4rounds for time, 5 strict presses at 55lbs, 10 ring rows, 15 BOX squats. My time was 6:47. 2 weeks ago I found my one rep max strict press at 125lbs. Needless to say I am hooked and love crossfit!

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 8:56 PM

14. Tierney wrote:
100 S2OH.. Which when I walked in and saw that I was like what daaaa heck is S2OH. I remember Jessie was there and I saw her split jerk
It and was like woa.. I only did the 15lb barbell and felt so weak! But everyone cheered me on and made me so welcome and inspired. I felt addicted and felt a part of a family right away. I have the best coaches ever

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 9:29 PM

15. Payal wrote:
My first WOD was 10 min AMRAP
30 du
15 power snatch
When I walked in I was very nervous didnt think I would be able to do this
Mike made me practice on pvc pipe than I used 15# barbell mike made me do just hang power clean. double unders were just out of
Question. After first day and first weekI was so much in pain.
But now I look forward to come and do my best. Thank you mike and Dana
You guys are amazing coach..

Wed, October 15, 2014 @ 10:16 PM

16. Julie wrote:
My first class was December 30th with my friend Martha..Thought I knew it all being in what I thought "shape"..and an aerobic instructor..but, that class kicked my butt...and they still do each and every day. I am very thankful to all the coaches for teaching me the proper techniques..It is too bad that people can take a one day course to become certified and not truly taught how to perform each move properly without causing injury.
December 30th WOD

Air Squats
Double Unders

Thu, October 16, 2014 @ 8:11 AM

17. Dana wrote:
Wow, I'm so blown away to read these comments. We don't get a ton of time to chat with every single person before/after class that often, so reading these experiences here means so much.

I can remember almost all of those days you guys are citing and remember wondering if we'd get you back for another day! Ha!

Such a pleasure to coach you all!

Thu, October 16, 2014 @ 4:40 PM

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